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Office of Board :
ul. Omlotowa 12/14
94-251 Lodz
tel.  (42) 640 71 33
fax: (42) 640 71 95

Customs Agency:
ul. Swiętej Teresy Od Dzieciatka Jezus 106A
91-341 Lodz
tel. (42) 634 91 66
fax  (42) 634 91 65

or e-mail us at: transport@interabra.com.pl


By our own means and in cooperation with our European partners we transport part and full loads within Western and Eastern Europe and to Turkey.

To meet our customers' expectations we have established a customs agency :

  • By means of this customs agency we can offer full customs service: import, export and transit customs clearance, customs brokerage and customs law guidance.
  • We have been granted simplified procedure permits, which significantly shortens the duration of customs clearance.
  • We offer general security and postponement of customs charges payment.
  • We offer a 500 sq.m. customs warehouse.
  • We have our own bond.


Interabra Venture was established in 1990 as a joint venture company with a Dutch capital participation. At the development stage the company conducted diverse activity in the following fields: import; export; production in Poland and in Holland as well as international transport which initially consisted in carrying goods manufactured by the company.

The company policy aimed at distinguishing the priority activity and its growth in separate organisational structure. As a consequence Interabra Venture has become specialized in transport and freight forwarding.

Our expertise has been appreciated by our domestic and foreign customers. Our vehicles with a distinctive logo can be seen in the furthest parts of Europe.

We have professional staff and high quality freight vehicles. All of them comply with strict technical and environmental standards imposed by the EU.



Interabra Logistics Sp. z o.o.

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Siedziba: 94-251 Łódź, ul. Omłotowa 12/14, tel. (42) 634 91 66, 640 71 33

Dział celny: 91-341 Łódź, ul. Św. Teresy Od Dzieciątka Jezus 106A, tel. (42) 634 91 66, fax (42) 634 91 65

KRS 0000158016, Sąd Rejonowy Łódź-Śródmieście, gdzie przechowywana jest dokumentacja spółki.

REGON 470071763 | NIP 7270125011

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